Donner HUSH Acoustic-Electric Guitar Kit for Travel

$49.99 $150.00

Shred Your Guitar From Anywhere

The ultra-compact and lightweight Donner HUSH Guitar is the perfect axe for travel and practice. Although being a full-scale guitar, it features a headless and detachable bar-frame design for extreme compaction and quietness with the least amount of wood.

The onboard Donner custom-designed piezo pickup and preamp deliver you the ideal tone over the unplugged quietness via headphones and traditional cable output while also giving you full tone control with the “Volume”, “High”, and “Low” Knobs. The onboard “Phase” button also guarantees you stability in live venues. Play beyond the limits.

Headless & Limitless

The Donner HUSH breaks the conventions with the headless concise frame design which delivers the ultimate compaction for travel and multiple playing scenarios. The overall design and the selection of fingerboard and frame material also save extra usage of wood making the Donner HUSH one of the most environmentally friendly wooden guitars.


  • Headless Design and Bone Nut
  • Mahogany/Maple Body and Neck
  • Asymmetrical Neck Profile
  • Piezo Pickup
  • Onboard Custom Designed Preamp with Phase Button
  • All-in-One Onboard Magnetic Hex Wrench


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